Under Pressure: Operational Challenges for Finance Teams

We asked 250+ finance professionals about their current business spend & expense management process. See insights on hiring, productivity, technology and more.


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What's in the Report?

Key Takeaways

  • Finance professionals are frustrated by how much time the expense process takes
  • The majority of time is spent on processing invoices and expenses
  • 74% respondents think their expense process needs help
  • 40% examine each expense report individually, while less than 20% use auditing software
  • Nearly half (45%) of finance teams still use spreadsheets as part of their process, and 43% exclusively use spreadsheets to manage expenses
  • Survey respondents want to spend more time on process improvements, strategy and planning, and collaboration across departments
  • Mid-size companies feel the pain more acutely than their smaller or larger counterparts
  • Frontline roles like Controller, Accounting and Procurement want better processes
  • Most respondents would hire staff to help manage expenses if they had budget

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